In 2017-2019, I conducted the first “collective consciousness map” studies wherein ~100 participants would report hourly on their mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual level of health for multiple days.
The studies were conducted at Arcosanti at 2 Festivals (FORM and Convergence). I graphed the feedback and participant location in real-time on a map of the event. The result was a kind of “heat map” of collective consciousness health across these 4 dimensions. 
We were easily able to see new insights, like where many people were having spiritual epiphanies (for ex), or struggling emotionally, and correlated that to the programming in the Festival at that time. As a next iteration, we made the graph real-time, so that participants could see the collective consciousness field of the group in 8 locations and use this information to inform their choices on where to go. To my knowledge, there are no similar attempts to measure and feedback “collective consciousness” in this way. 

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