LAMP is the immersive installation I designed and led development of at Arcosanti, Arizona from 2015-2020. Arcosanti is a unique architectural destination which draws 40,000+ visitors a year. People from across the world visit for music, performances, retreats, and studying the architecture. 
    LAMP is a play space for all aspects of the Arcosanti amphitheater and visitor path. Lights can be interactive, based on movement, sound and other triggers. The 10,000+ LEDs can be controlled via hand gestures from an augment reality headset, automatically from environmental factors, and elaborately via a command center.  LAMP transforms the experience of space in this Urban Laboratory in profound new ways in real-time.
Recently, LAMP has added spatial audio (3D sound) to the physical environment, creating light-sound syncopation and producing synesthetic experiences that are at the leading-edge in this medium.  VR is also now being used to control LAMP, creating new cross reality immersive control capabilities for hundreds of audience members at a time.  For more, see my Arco XR project and it's external website.
LAMPs lead lighting designer and steward is now Adam Taylor. Grant written by Tim Bell. Special thanks to Kevin K, Seth, Chase, Cameron, Will, Jess, and the many who helped us <3

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