This project was a fascinating look at XR ("cross-reality") by blending real-world, augmented and virtual realities in a future city prototype. The goal was to learn how we can exist across these 3 levels, as its existence becomes more ubiquitous and syncopated.
The VR lead was Seth Winslow, AR lead Chase Bowman, lighting lead Adam Taylor, and myself overseeing the Immersive Systems. Seth modeled a digital twin (meaning virtual replica of our physical environment), Chase used holograms, Adam light, and myself sound and tech, and we explored with how these 3 realities can interact.​​​​​​​
For example, as we moved an object in real life, it would move holograms in MR, and cause surreal sky formations in VR. This simulated having god-like powers from simple physical actions. Conversely, we would play with a levitating light orb in VR, which triggered immersive lighting/sound in the real world for an audience, demonstrating how a fully simulated environment can be applied to an IRL experience.  
The project was ongoing over years, with more facets descried on its website below. The video on the left shows people playing in the 3 levels of the system.

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