Deep Play has come from my love of full Immersions and group flow states. This project enables groups to experience (and control!) multi-sensory journeys with 360 sound, light, scent, and touch. 
This new field I call "polysensory design" which treats the entire person, (including their energy field). The result is a beautifully deep, familiar, and exciting transformative environment. ​​​​​​​
Immerse Anywhere
I've worked for years making 360 degree content for any genre of experience, to use to catalyze, meditation, flow, accelerated learning, connection, healing, movement, and more.  I want to open up new frontiers in real-time, multi-sensory, 360 degree immersion to new audiences, including for retreat experiences, yoga classes, ecstatic dance, immersive theater and more!
Deep Play runs entirely off batteries, so one can choose remote destinations for an immersion to induce flow states.

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