I became interested in exploring beyond what I had done with Lucid Dreaming Sleepovers, the collective consciousness maps and deep play experiences. I call the field of study "Polysensory design". I received a grant from AZ Arts in 2020 to do research and development in this new field. 
Polysensory Design uses multiple types of sensory stimulation in sync with participants biofeedback within a 360 degree environment. This transforms the space so participants experience it as an extension of one or more peoples experience.
I setup my system in the Octagon at Arcosanti, using the Deep Play 360 light, sound, scent, and haptic system to facilitate participants in exploring alternative states of consciousness together. Then I used wireless monitors to measure brainwave states, heart rates, movement, and other biometrics. This information was fed back into the immersive system in real-time. Eventually I introduced multiple feedback devices for a group of people and averaged the outputs to make the environment a reflection of their collective consciousness.

More images coming soon... 
In 2021, I moved to the Hudson Valley, New York and am looking for the idea location to continue this exploration. If you have a space that would work well, contact me.

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