I became fascinated with geodesic domes after having a few profound spiritual experiences in them.  Specifically, the dome's physical principle of "tensegrity" changed many things for how I view the world. 
I began building domes, and eventually figured out the math behind them. I set out to build the first "growable" dome that lets people add to their domes initial size with no waste. This is challenging, because as you add to a dome frequency (strut number), the angles and lengths all change. I saw an opportunity to develop new forms of adaptable, livable structures. After all, living things grew, so why couldn't our spaces?
A friend and I made  a sand-casting setup in the driveway and produced a set of the first "growable" geodesic structure (to my knowledge).  I iterated on the design for many years, though I have not built many more prototypes yet... though I do hope to build more of them one day.
More photos coming soon...
Pictures coming soon...  I e

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