In the "Lucid Dreaming Sleepovers", I designed multiple overnight sound/light/scent/taste journeys for 25-40 participants. My main premise was on using the natural phases of brain activity during sleep to syncopate a group, and create shared dreams between people.  
I setup a 360 sound system in the Arcosanti Vaults to envelop the sleepers in binaural-style sound journey. Hypnagogic guides lulled the participants to sleep. Throughout the next 8 hours, a series of phases in the journey unfolded, attuned to the average group brainwave states at that time. We woke the sleepers at sunrise with beautiful hand pan, pancakes, and tea. Our main guides then held a sharing circle for people who had profound experiences.
Each LDS manifested with the help of a team of healers, musicians, herbalists, yogis, chefs, artists and experience designers. Some of them were collaborators, but others were visitors who spontaneously felt called to facilitate.
Many sleepers reported profound dream experiences during the events, stating they interacted with each other in the Lucid Dreaming phases of the sleep journey. They said they found other attendees in their dreams and could enter some dimension of each other's lucid worlds. I learned many esoteric things from this series ... and in inspired additional collective consciousness explorations I've done like the Collective Consciousness Maps and Group Sync. It remains one of my favorite projects ever... <3

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