When I was 27, I had a knee injury that would not heal. It kept getting worse, eventually mirroring on the other knee making it impossible to stand.  In total, I was immobile for 2 years, often in a wheelchair.  Doctors had no explanation.
This experience was very physically painful, and made me unable to do my jobs as a director/cinematographer to make money to live. I was isolated in the upstairs of our house for a long time with close to no money.
Then I realized stress of money ("supporting myself" fiscally) might be blocking my physical healing process (to "support myself" aka stand). I decided to stop using money.  I had < $5 in my bank account, and could not focus on it any more. Clearly whatever I had done thus far was not working...
 Unbeknownst to me, this was the beginning of a year living on the gift economy. This means​​​​​​​ I vowed to never charge or ask for money for anything. Instead my goal was to follow my heart 100% at all moments and pay attention to what that did in my body and the shared reality as the determinant of value. 
I learned many things about money, networks, and receiving during this period. It was truly counter intuitive and rewarding journey.  Ironically, I was given many thousands of dollars to live from various people I helped along the way... simply from their own generosity... never needing or asking.

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